10 Amazing Gift Ideas That Also Support The Future Of Our Planet


This time of year, we’re all looking for gift ideas that will put a smile on our loved one’s faces. After all, one of the best parts of the holiday season is watching someone open a gift they truly love. But it feels even better when you know it’s a gift that also benefits the planet. Gifts that make people and the planet happy is exactly the kind of holiday magic we’re after this year. 

To help you in your green gifting search, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-friendly products and brands, such as luxury textile brand, Micro Cotton. In an effort to reduce the amount of water and energy used, Micro Cotton utilizes a zero-liquid discharge technology, which allows them to recover and reuse 98.5% of water in their production process. That’s 89 towels created with the same amount of water it takes a conventional towel manufacturer to create one. This level of sustainability deserves to be shared––and the holidays are a perfect time to do it! For more sustainable superstars, check out our shortlist below:


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