Doing things on a regular basis that increase your level of well-being is a very effective and enjoyable way to enhance your self-esteem and develop a firm personal foundation. Some of these may seem quite obvious, but it’s amazing what we forget in the day to day running of our lives! The following are merely suggestions. If necessary, find alternatives that work for you.

The 10 Daily Habits

1. Find a few minutes for quiet time each day. Where you consciously do nothing, just sit and relax. Some may like to meditate, others listen to relaxing music. Mornings and evenings are good times to do this, but the middle of the day can be effective too. Get up slightly earlier to accommodate this. How much time ?- 5, 10, 15, 20 mins – 1 hour. It’s up to you.

2. Drink 1½ – 2 litres of water every day. Most of us are dehydrated and many headaches could be alleviated by drinking more water. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty. Just drink water regularly throughout the day. It clears the head and gives you energy.

3. Appreciate what you have. Most of us concentrate on what we don’t have. Even if we don’t seem to have a lot, we can be appreciative of what we do have and what we see around us. Is it good health, a roof over our heads, a loving family, supportive friends, the sun shining, the dawn chorus? There is always something to appreciate. We can celebrate life every day.

4. Make someone’s day. Giving someone a smile, saying “thank you”, “good morning”. These are small actions that can mean a lot to someone else. Whilst waiting on a crowded tube platform I sneezed and a lady standing next to me said “bless you”. It cheered me up immeasurably. This was several years ago and I still remember it.

5. Take some exercise each day. This doesn’t mean sweating it out in the gym or aerobics class (although it can, if you enjoy it). A brisk walk might be all you need, a relaxing swim, dancing, whatever. Alternatively, find several activities that you like to do and rotate them so that you don’t get bored. Related: 10 Benefits Of Exercise To Get You Motivated Into Moving!

6. Appreciate your loved ones and show that you appreciate them. Too often we take those closest to us for granted. Small, loving, appreciative and regular actions and words enhances the quality of our relationships. Don’t wait until that person is gone – start now. Related: Powerful Tips On How To Get Trust In A Relationship

7. Sleep well. Like drinking water, a lot of us are sleep derived. If the amount of sleep we got was our bank account, we’d be in the red! So start making regular deposits. It may be difficult to get enough sleep if you have young children, a very active social life or work long hours, but aim for at least 3 nights per week. Learn how to nap and create spaces in the day to do so. Create a ritual around getting to bed at a reasonable time. Regular good sleep improves your physical and mental well being.

8. Create an environment you love. Even if you don’t like the place you live in, small things like flowers and candles can really brighten your environment. Related: 20 Most Inspiring Love Quotes

9. Do more of what you enjoy. Sometimes our lives are so crowded that we forget to make time to enjoy ourselves and wonder why we’re lacking in energy! It can be as simple as listening to music, dancing (you can tell I like this one!) or a relaxing bath. Do more of what you enjoy with people you love being with. Life’s too short not to! Related: Personal Development: Get a life! Passion and Goals

10. When good things happen – appreciate them. You may write down your appreciation in the form of a gratitude journal or just acknowledge it to yourself or share it with others, who’ll be happy for you. Alternatively, if worries crop up during the day and you don’t feel able to talk about it to anyone – yet, then write it down, ask a question about how it can be resolved and sleep on it.

Daily Habits to Improve Your Overall Health and Wellness

Healthy habits

It can be difficult to take care of ourselves when we are busy working or life gets in the way. This whole can help you make daily habits that will work for you to promote your overall health and wellness. Start these habits today so you don’t have to worry about your health tomorrow!

Achieving optimal health and wellness can seem like a very ethereal, impossible goal. However, if you focus on changing your habits from a micro level, it’s more than possible to experience maximum results over the long haul. The key is to avoid trying to overhaul your entire regimen within a matter of days. You have to look at it as a marathon instead of a quick sprint. Consider some of the daily habits you can implement in order to improve your overall health and wellness.

Vitamins & Supplements

While it’s ideal to get all of your essential nutrients from a diet that’s filled with whole foods, it’s not realistic. Besides, vitamins and supplements can provide an extra boost in ways that can truly benefit your body at the cellular level. For example, many people associate Vitamin B12 with lots of energy and vitality. However, there’s a derivative of B-vitamin Niacin that’s called Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). By taking NMN supplements, you can gain energy, a metabolic boost, and help your anti-aging efforts. While kale is amazing in a standard diet, there’s not enough kale to match those health benefits. If you’re not getting enough sleep each night, a simple sleep supplement that contains ingredients like Melatonin and L-Theanine can do wonders.

Less Sugar Consumption

Sugar can be really addictive. Knowing this, it’s understandable why so many people choose not to let go of it. However, work on decreasing your sugar consumption. Consider cutting your consumption in half. Take a look at the foods and beverages that contain sugar. Work on replacing them with sugar-free options. As you gradually decrease your sugar consumption, find great alternatives that motivate you to continue this process. If you love to drink juice with your breakfast, replace it with a green smoothie. Sugar is connected to inflammation. In order to experience health and wellness, it’s essential to decrease the inflammatory triggers in the body. By decreasing your sugar intake, you can help your body become less inflamed.


It’s pretty difficult to get through life without experiencing any type of stressor. However, the key to dealing with stress is to complete the stress cycle. Throughout any given day, there will be things that stress you out. Whether it’s traffic, a toxic boss, or a cranky newborn, there are plenty of reasons for a person to stress out. However, one of the best ways to deal with your stress is to exercise. Exercise is an excellent way to complete the stress cycle. Whether you choose to go for a walk at the end of the day, start the day with a weight training regimen or do a few yoga stretches, find different ways to incorporate physical activity into your day. You’ll decrease your stress level, and you’ll positively impact your body in so many other ways (digestive health, weight management, etc).

Increased Water Consumption

Habit of drinking more water

Instead of trying to gulp a liter of water each day, consider sipping throughout the day instead. Purchase a 24 oz. tumbler that you can carry with you at all times. You can refill it two to three times each day. That can help you monitor and realistically consume the right amount of water each day. If you’re not used to drinking much water at all, focus on finishing a tumbler of water every day. By finishing 24 ounces of water, you’ve at least consumed three cups without a major effort. As you accomplish the consumption of one tumbler’s worth of water, increase it to two. If you need to, put a couple of timers in your phone to remind you to take a few sips. Before long, water consumption will feel like a vital part of your day.

Final Words

One of the best ways you can approach this effort is by tracking your data. Consider treating yourself like a science project. Pay attention to how you feel after getting a lot of sleep every night. Pay attention to your energy levels to see the impact that exercise has on you if you do it in the morning instead of the evening. As you pay attention to different variables, write down your findings in a journal. When you tweak different variables and see positive results, you’ll be able to gain the information you need in order to support your body’s ability to experience overall health and wellness.

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