15 Unique Experiences To Get You Closer To Your Partner


The first couple of times you both miss the mark, you chalk it up to miscommunication and maybe even blame yourself.

You must be clearer next time.

Then it happens again and again. You purposely make sure you are VERY CLEAR!

How does this keep happening?

You want to have a discussion about it, maybe spend some time discussing how to connect better, but who has time with your busy schedules?

So, nurturing your relationship keeps going on the back burner.

Your inner voice is screaming and you pray that you will be able to find the solution before that screaming escapes from your lips.

You need is to spend time reconnecting and reacquainting yourself with your partner. You can not expect the person you knew years ago, or even last year, to be the same person today. As we age, we grow and discover more about ourselves every year. As wonderful as this is, change can cause a disconnect in a relationship.

One or more of these 15 unique experiences will encourage team work and increase communication skills to help you and your partner get back in sync.


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