16 RD-Approved High-Protein Breakfasts (That'll Keep You Full Until Lunch)


That’s a big benefit if you regularly find yourself hitting a wall midmorning and scrounging for a muffin or a sugary latte. Start your morning with a high-protein breakfast, and “you’ll be feeling sustained and energized until lunch, or more likely to look for a protein-rich or healthy snack if you do start getting hungry,” says Lisa Mastela, MPH, R.D., and CEO of Bumpin Blends superfood smoothies.

That’s because research shows1 the body is more equipped to manage blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal that’s high in protein.

And then there is the long-term payoff. “Because of its blood-sugar-balancing effect, consuming adequate protein can help reduce risks of many health conditions whose roots lie in glycemic instability and inflammation related to that imbalance, such as diabetes2, cognitive decline3, and heart disease4, to name a few,” says Cording.

A high-protein breakfast is equally important if you have specific health and fitness goals or you’re looking to support longevity and healthspan. Looking to put on some muscle? “Muscle growth needs regular protein, so incorporating extra protein into every meal feeds muscles,” says Mastela. And if your goals are geared toward longevity, she adds that protein is still your friend. “A healthy amount of protein at breakfast supports longevity both independently and as a precursor to other activities that support longevity—for example, skipping the midmorning sugar fix.”


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