17 Cute & Flirty Ways To Tell A Guy You Like Him, From Dating Experts


The most important thing to keep in mind when faced with rejection is that it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. “Try to think of it more like two people not being compatible with each other,” emphasizes Davis-Fainbloom.

Thank your crush for their honesty and have a quick discussion about how to move on. Do you want to take some space for a bit? Pretend that the conversation never happened? Check in again after X weeks? Only hang out in groups for a bit until the crush flames have died down?

“If the person needs some space, give it to them. Don’t keep reaching out or trying to engage with them if they’ve made it clear they’re not interested. It’s important to respect their boundaries,” says Moore.

Feel free to send long, dramatic voice notes to your friends about how it stings to get rejected, but also tell your friends to tell you to (kindly) help you pull yourself together if you let yourself wallow in the pain for too long. A failed crush isn’t a breakup, and it’s best not to let yourself think about “what could have been” for more than a couple of weeks. Throw yourself into something else and keep it moving along. A new crush will be along sooner than you think.


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