3 Easy, Low-Maintenance Ways To Cover Gray Hair (If You Want To)


If you regularly color your hair, you likely know the struggle that comes with regrowth: As your roots grow in, you’re met with a harsh line that separates your dyed and natural silver strands. Rather than booking an emergency appointment with your colorist, you could opt for a root touch-up in between sessions. 

You can find our favorite options here, but Polko specifically recommends the Style Edit Root Cover Up Stick for more precise coverage. The cream-to-powder stick glides effortlessly on the strands and doesn’t dare budge, she says. “If you’re someone who likes to touch your hair and move your hair around, it’s not going to get on your fingers; no one is going to know you’re using a root cover up, and that’s the best part and why it’s so easy to use,” she notes. 

Or if you’d rather use a powder (which some people find a bit easier; it’s just like applying eyeshadow), make sure to find one that is water and oil resistant yet doesn’t build up on the scalp, like Style Edit’s Root Touch Up Powder (which also comes paraben- and silicone-free). “They’re all great and work well,” says Polko. 


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