3 Easy Makeup Tips For Maturing Skin From A Top Pro


“Beauty doesn’t need to be as overwhelming as we are conditioned to think it should be,” says makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, who literally wrote the book on getting that no-fuss, yet polished makeup look (Read Lazy Perfection: The Art Of Looking Great Without Really Trying). In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chatted with Patinkin about finding your signature detail, little makeup touches that can go a long way, and why we need to rethink consumer culture in beauty. 

And of course I got Patinkin to share her best beauty tips. She notes that many of those she advises tend to have have drier, more mature skin. So these tips are more geared toward that demographic, but honestly they’re just good insights across the board. 

And one of the main takeaways she tries to share with her clients? Don’t get too caught up in arbitrary, overly-strict rules: “Beauty is about moderation. I’ve never subscribed to the ‘you shoulds’ & ‘you musts,’” she says. So in the spirit of that, take these quotes as informed suggestions and fold them into your routine however works best for you. Because ultimately, makeup is just about making you feel good. 


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