3 Major Relationship Red Flags To Watch For Over The Holidays, From A Therapist


Another glaring red flag that you may notice during the holidays is toxic family dynamics within your partner’s family. This may be especially noticeable if this is the first holiday you’re meeting their extended family.

“What is their relationship with their biological family, or even their chosen family? Do they have close relationships with other people? Because if they don’t, that’s a huge red flag, too—and could be indicative of patterns of behavior you may not want to associate with,” Blaylock-Solar explains.

Of course, some people have valid reasons for not being close with their family, which you may be aware of. But Blaylock-Solar notes you’ll want to keep an eye out for things like explosive anger, codependent dynamics, and general poor communication. Much of the way people behave in relationships, such as their attachment style and how they handle conflict, are impacted by family dynamics, and you’ll likely find you can put a lot of pieces together when you get a sense of the environment they grew up in and how they interact with the people supposedly closest to them.

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