“Our bodies and skin are what carries our spirit through this world, so they are to be loved, appreciated, and cared for,” says brand founder of Tatcha and skin care expert Vicky Tsai. “Our skin is a wondrous organ. It’s the first line of our immune system. It can smell. It can keep time—it knows whether it’s daytime or nighttime. It feels the sun’s radiation. It protects you. It senses things, such as touch, so it knows whether you’re being cuddled or cut. It’s a mirror of your emotions. It’s literally your second mind.”

In this episode of mindbodygreen’s beauty podcast Clean Beauty School, I chat with Tsai all about the mind-skin connection. Recently, Tatcha released a new report about the status of folks’ relationships with their skin care and self-care routines, how stress affected their complexion, and more. The findings are fascinating—for example, 47% of the 841 women they surveyed regarded their skin care routines as another source of stress in their day, and 25% said that physical appearance was a main source of stress. 

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