It’s common to crave something sweet post-dinner—and again, you should honor your cravings with balance. However, it’s important to reflect on why you’re feeling peckish post-meal and determine whether that treat will truly serve you in that moment. 

“Don’t tell yourself you can’t have the treat, but see if you can create a little bit of space between the idea that you have of eating that thing and actually putting it in your mouth,” says Ubell. Essentially, when you want to reach for something sweet, try not to give in right away. “You’re not saying you can’t eat it,” Ubell emphasizes. “You’re just saying, ‘Hey, before I eat this thing, let me just check in with myself and find out what’s actually going on…I’m just going to give myself 60 seconds and start to create more space.'”

Again, this doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself—you’re simply delaying gratification to potentially acknowledge any emotions that come up for you with a specific treat. “That’s the place we want to get to,” Ubell adds. 

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