4 Cultural Meanings Of The Dragonfly + Why To Pay Attention To This Critter


Sometimes dragonflies may make an appearance in your dream. The next time this happens, take note of how you felt in the dream. “If you feel peaceful and serene, the dream will always have a positive meaning and connotation,” explains Kirsten. “If you felt anxious or scared at first encounter, it could represent a disturbance to your natural emotional state in your waking life.”

Dreams often provide a lot of information, so take time to reflect on the details of yours—and maybe jot them down in a dream journal. For example, colors in a dream can provide intel. “There are many species of dragonfly and many colors; most commonly they are green, blue and red,” says Shuman.

To help with dream interpretation, Shuman poses some questions to reflect on: “Is it a ‘normal’ color for a dragonfly, or is it odd or strange? Does it bring up a feeling? The relationship of the color to the dragonfly will help you understand the symbol at a deeper level.” 


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