4 Easy Tips To Detox Your Body Every Single Day, Backed By An MD


Finally, we have red light therapy, which enhances your mitochondrial health. A little background: Your mitochondria are basically cellular batteries that provide energy for basically every function in your body—including your detoxification processes. “One of the ways toxins sabotage detox pathways and cause symptoms is by damaging the mitochondria,” Chen explains. 

That’s where red light therapy comes into play: “Our mitochondria have these antennas that pick up light. And when it picks up the light, it activates processes inside mitochondria to then produce more ATP, the energy currency,” Chen continues. “When we provide mitochondria with light, it can actually mitigate some of that dampening from our environmental stressors.” As a result, the therapy can help with wound healing1, skin health2, chronic pain3, and more. 

You can read more about the full-body benefits of red light therapy here and check out our favorite red light therapy devices. Chen is partial to LUMEBOX, the portable, versatile device she created herself. “I use it on my face in the morning for [healthy] aging,” she notes. “And then I also use it throughout the day for joint pain.” 


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