4 Tips For Unleashing Your Creativity Every Day (Without Even Trying)


Contemplate the figure of Durga, who has eight arms. Each of her arms has a weapon that can be used in each present-moment situation, reflecting her vast resourcefulness. Sometimes a book is needed to supply knowledge, or sometimes a sword is needed to cut right to the truth.

In a similar vein, your “weapons” may vary as the day goes on. They might look like writing out a new business idea, getting on the phone with clients, taking your child to the park, listening to a podcast, cooking a meal, or answering emails. Since you and only you can tune into your dynamically shifting energy, it’s beneficial to leave some wiggle room to decide which actions should be done when. Maybe you aren’t in the space to write, but you are in the space to blast out detail-oriented emails. Or maybe this morning you felt called to put off doing the Zoom calls until after you recorded a podcast.

When we shift and pivot in accordance with energy, we create magic. This reflects the wisdom of the divine feminine. And it even jibes with modern company culture research that shows that flexibility creates results-oriented work environments. This more free-flow way of working also supports your natural creativity, so that your best, most creative ideas come out of you.

Practically speaking, research from The World Economic Forum finds that creativity will become one of the top skills workers will need to thrive in the future. Don’t worry—it’s in you! You just need the space to let your creative genius shine into the world.



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