5 Easy Habits That Will Give You Brighter, Smoother Skin In 2023


Many people think exfoliating the skin every single day is the key to brighter, smoother skin—but that’s not true for everyone. In fact, many people who exfoliate every day (especially using potent formulas) may experience more negative reactions than positive ones. 

As mentioned above, recovery nights are essential for keeping your skin smooth. One way to go about recovery night is to “slug” your skin—AKA apply an occlusive moisturizer over your go-to face cream.

Some reach for a basic petrolatum jelly, but that’s not your only option. While these gels are safe for your skin, even cosmetic-grade options are not so environmentally friendly, which is enough of a reason to avoid its use: “Mineral oil is petrochemical derived, meaning it’s environmentally irresponsible to use mineral oil when there are vegetable and fruit oils, like coconut oil, that are more sustainable,” says clean cosmetic chemist Krupa Koestline about the ingredient

On top of that, balms that swap the petrolatum for other occlusives can make your slugging routine even more effective. Ready to start slugging? Reach for a plant-based balm or one of these mbg-approved face oils for an eco-friendly slug. 


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