5 Healthy Foods To Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels Naturally


It’s widely recognized that including protein within your diet is a great way to fuel your muscles and energy levels, and whether you follow a plant-based or meat-eating diet, these foods are also great for maintaining blood sugar levels. “Diets rich in protein lower your blood sugars after you eat and balance your insulin much better in the long run,” explains integrative medicine doctor Bindiya Gandhi, M.D. “Protein can be in the form of animal or plant-based including salmon, nuts, eggs, hemp seeds, chia seeds, lentils, and legumes.” 

As opposed to simply eating a carb-heavy meal, try including a serving of protein on your plate for the sake of your blood sugar. “Adding animal protein to your meal will help mute the glucose response the most,” notes James. “For instance, adding chicken to a salad sandwich will produce a lower glucose response than just eating a salad sandwich. Similarly, adding wild salmon to a grain bowl will mute the grain bowl’s glycemic spike.” 


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