5 Practices From Michelle Obama For Staying Hopeful During Uncertain Times


Since my last book, Becoming, was published in 2018, I’ve heard many stories and fielded many questions, conversing with a wide range of people about how and why we navigate unfairness and uncertainty. I’ve been asked if I might have, in some pocket somewhere, a formula for dealing with these things, something to help cut through the confusion, something to make the overcoming easier. I’d love to produce a clear, bullet-pointed set of steps to help you conquer every uncertainty and hasten the climb to whatever heights you hope to reach. I wish it were that simple. If I had a formula, I’d hand it right over. What I can offer is a glimpse inside my personal toolbox. These are some of the practices, tips, attitudes and ideas that help me stay balanced and confident. They’re what keeps me moving forward even during times of high anxiety and stress. 


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