5 Quick Ayurvedic Practices You Can Do In Under 15 Minutes A Day


Time: 1 minute or less

How to: Lay down, tilt your head backward, and prop it on a pillow. Instill two drops of Anu tailam (an Ayurvedic oil for sinus relief) in each nostril. It may feel a little sharp if you are new to Nasya, but it should settle within the week. 

Benefits: “Nasa hi siraso dwaram” – Sanskrit, Carak Samhita… The nose is the only gateway to the brain.

The ancient texts of Ayurveda pointed out that the nose is the only organ that surpasses the blood-brain barrier, something that scientists in the west are discovering today.

This practice goes beyond lubricating your nostrils, preventing allergies, opening up your sinuses, and decongesting phlegm. In fact, the main benefits of this practice are deeper than your ENT region. 

When administered through the nose, Nasya drops are thought to nourish cerebrospinal fluid1, the juiciest of the brain and spinal fluids, which has also been linked to Alzheimer’s and certain types of dementia. Nasya is also known to give restful sleep, better vision, delayed graying, and lubrication of the jaw. So this one is a no-brainer!


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