5 Tips That Will Make This Sober October Easy & Dare We Say *Fun*


Just like the well-known Dry January, Sober October is about cutting back on alcohol. It’s an invitation to reconnect with our friends and family minus the buzz or revive those personal goals often cast aside amid a happy hour buzz or next-day headache. Even with the holidays right around the corner, we still want to enjoy every moment—and partaking in Sober October with Athletic Brewing Company’s award-winning nonalcoholic beer is an easy way to press pause on the cocktails without saying farewell to fun.

In fact, piling on the fun is the secret to Sober October. Whether that means recruiting a sober squad to join you or sipping on Athletic Brewing’s nonalcoholic beers, there’s plenty of fun to be had all month long. When trying dry means being able to enjoy the citrusy hops in Run Wild IPA, suddenly 31 days of moderation feels like a cinch. So with these five tips, prepare for a month that is easy and enjoyable. Yes, really!


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