50+ Inspiring Gratitude Journal Prompts For Happiness And Success


It’s been shown that journaling can have a positive impact on our well-being.  With this in mind, how do you go about starting a journal and gaining the benefits?

Firstly, choose where you will record your thoughts.  You can use whatever format you want for journaling, although I would suggest writing with an actual pen rather than typing onto a phone or laptop.

There is something distinctly cathartic about words pouring out of your pen onto the page.  When I journal, I can literally feel the emotion flowing out of me sometimes!

Choose a nice notebook that works for you, or you can print out journal pages and store them in a folder.


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Secondly, investigate using gratitude journal prompts.

When I first started journaling and recording what I was grateful for each day, I noticed that I got a bit stuck using the same things.  For example, I would say ‘I’m grateful for my husband’, but what specifically about him was I grateful for?  (So this is the first lesson, be specific!)

I strongly recommend using journal prompts as they will get you thinking about things you perhaps haven’t considered.  For example, before I started using journal prompts for gratitude I wouldn’t have thought to write what I was grateful for about myself or about the area I live in.  I would mainly have focussed on the other people in my life, which was narrowing my scope down somewhat.

Thirdly, choose a time of day to write in your journal.  Some prefer to do this as part of their morning routine.  I tend to write in the evening.

There are no right or wrongs, go with what feels best for you.  You can also change it up and write at different times, although it is best to schedule when you will journal, particularly in the early days.

To get you started, I have produced this list of 50+ gratitude journal prompts.  I have also turned these into a handy PDF which you can download for free.


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