6 Root Chakra Exercises To Relieve Stress & Connect With Mother Nature


There is a special mantra of gratitude toward Goddess Shailputri, our beautiful Mother Earth, that you can simply remember or chant when you wake up each morning. Mantras are like spiritual medicine that help you overcome draining repetitive thoughts, so you can be more stable and present in each moment. The word mantra itself literally comes from two Sanskrit words: tra, which means “to protect” and man, the “thinking mind.”

I love chanting this mantra before stepping my foot onto the ground. The meaning of the gratitude mantra to Mother Earth acknowledges Nature as Goddess Shailputri, who “has the ocean as her garment and mountains as her breasts. We ask for forgiveness for touching you with our feet.”

“Samudra vasane devi [pronounced samu- DRA- vas- NEY- day- vi]

Parvata stana mandale [PAR- vata stana MUN- duley]

Vishnu patni namastubhyam [VISH- nu pat- NI na- MAS- tu- bhi- UM]

Paada sparsham kshama- svame [PAA- da spar- SHUM sha- MA- sva-MAY]”

The goal of Yoga is a sacred union of your individual Self with the universe. When you acknowledge your interconnectedness with Goddess Shailputri as Mother Nature each day in simple ways, like even saying “Thank you, Mother Earth” before stepping your foot onto the ground, you move toward a deeper connection with Mother Nature and all her creatures, large and small. Gratitude is the opposite of fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Giving thanks each day reframes destabilizing thoughts and phobias into optimism, contentment, and a profound sense of grounding that really balances your root chakra.


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