6 Underrated Benefits Of Caffeine That Will Get You Out Of Bed


You can also consume caffeine in supplements, either on its own or combined with other nootropic ingredients. The latter multi-ingredient design can be especially beneficial, given you pick a formula that supports overall brain power and goes beyond the typical (and transient) energy “boost” approach.

For example, in mbg’s focus+, caffeine is paired with bioactives and botanicals that support the energy of cells, mind, and body (i.e., guarana, Panax ginseng, L-theanine, and vitamin B12), resulting in sustained focus and vitality.*

Just like with the food and beverage sources of caffeine listed above, it’s also important to carefully consider your caffeine source when it’s delivered in a supplement.

Ferira advises turning the product over and reading the Supplement Facts panel: “Do you see any indication that the caffeine is derived from a plant source, like a specific species of coffee (Coffea), tea (Camellia), guarana, or some other quality-sourced plant?” If not, she says it could be the cheaper synthetic variety of caffeine instead.

Sharing further intel, Ferira explains that, “you should also expect the supplement brand to identify the plant parts used to provide the caffeine. In other words, is this an extract of the whole coffee cherry8, the coffee beans, or green tea leaves? Transparency is key here.”


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