8 Things Causing Your Split Ends (And How To Prevent New Ones)


Ripping through your strands aggressively, whether with a brush or your fingers, will lead to breakage. Hard stop. As stated previously, your hair is more susceptible to damage when wet, so detangle it slowly and gently.

The best route of action is to load up on a detanger (here are some DIY options) or leave-in conditioner. These coat the strands in a protective barrier, making the fiber less volunerable to wear and tear.

“​​If you must detangle your hair after showering, I recommend sticking solely to a wide-toothed comb and gently detangling starting at the tips and working up to the root,” Reavey says.

And if you have a knot, tread lightly. “When you come across a snag, be nice to your hair and work through it like a necklace as opposed to trying to rip through it,” Hailey Nagel, stylist and educator for Innersense Organic Beauty tells mbg.


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