I hate cleaning but I love a clean house. It really sucks that in order to get that calm sigh of relief that comes from a nice, neat environment you have to do something as god awful as clean. I know, I know…first world problems.

But cleaning really sucks. That’s why I’ve spent way too much time look for products that can basically do it for you. I’d say that’s time well spent since it means less cleaning. Am I right?!

If you really hate cleaning (but love that clean environment), these affordable products are a must-have (and cheaper than hiring a maid).

No More Mopping, Sweeping, or Vaccuming (for way less than you might think!)

I don’t know about you, but with two dogs and a husband, my floors get gross pretty fast. And cleaning them is one of the worse house hold tasks, in my opinion. Why? Because you spend all that time cleaning it and before you’re even done it’s already dirty again. It feels pointless (even though I realize it isn’t). 

Cleaning floors is a lot of work that I don’t want to be doing. You get it. That’s why this Coredy robotic vacuum/mop is so perfect. It means clean floors on autopilot. It means I get clean floors and I barely have to do anything. Score!

I like it because it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than others. Like, way cheaper. And mama likes money, soo….

Check out the Coredy Robotic Vacuum/Mop here.

Get The Floors Clean Just by Moving

Not ready to commit to a new mop and vacuum? You should definitely check out these microfiber Mop Slippers.

Love these little slippers! If you have a lot of carpet in your house, these might not be all that helpful but if you’re like me and you’ve got more hardwood/laminent/tile they are perfect. 

These house slippers have velcro microfiber attachments that allow you to mop or dust your floor just by wearing them. Buy some for everyone in the house and then instead of undoing all the hard work you put on keeping the floors clean, they are actually helping you keep it clean! I love when life works out, don’t you?

Check out the Microfiber Mop Slippers here.

Dust Proof(ish) is the Way to go

Dusting is a lot like cleaning floors. You clean and clean, and before you turn around, it’s dirty again. A lot of dusters actually just move the dust around rather than get rid of it, which is just rude. All that hard work for nothing.

Plus, for people like me, it’s easy to miss the dust for long periods of time when you are caught up in something way more interesting. And that leads to sneezing and grossness everywhere. 

I know that any solution that will work for me, can’t rely on me remembering to dust often. It ain’t gonna happen. I find it’s much more practical for me to find a solution that prevents dust–at least, prevents as much as possible. Then I get the benefits of regular dusting without actually having to regularly dust. I call that a win.

That’s where the Germ Guard Air Purifier comes in. It helps prevent dust and over allergens in your home which means less dust, and potentially even less sickness circulating.

The only downside I can find is one air purifier can’t cover your whole house. You generally need one per room. If that’s not in the budget, prioritize the rooms with the biggest dust problem. For most people, that’s the bedroom and living room.

Check out the Germ Guard Air Purifier here.

No More Nasty Shower Liner

A mildewed showerline is the worst. They aren’t easy to clean. I hate the idea of just throwing it out and buying another all the time. They look gross; I get the feeling that they can contribute to getting you sick (but I’m not curious enough to actually look that up ha!).

I learned a while back that you can put a shower liner in the washing machine. I tried that. It helped but still had mildew and then I had to awkwardly try to straigten it out and rehang it. Didn’t seem to be worth the effort to me.

Then I learned about mildew resistant shower liners. I’ve had mine for over 6 months and still no mildew. It’s weird that something so small makes me so happy but…..here we are. It’s wonderful.

Check out the LiBra Mildew Resistant Fabric Shower Liner here.

No More Scrubbing the Tub

I really hate scrubbing the bathtub and the automatic shower cleaners are too expensive for my taste. But I also really hate bathing in soap scum. So I found this shower spray on amazon that works beautifully. It’s natural and it smells nice but also works really well which is just the right combination, right?

Alright, so one last cleaning of the stupid bathtub, then it’s over. Though, this spray can be helpful for your last cleaning, too.

I keep this spray in the shower so that when I’m done bathing, I can do a quick spritz before I get out and Voila! No more cleaning the stupid bathtub.

Check out the Method Eucalyptus Mint Natural Shower Spray here.

Microwave cleaning that doesn’t involve scrubbing (yes, please!)

My microwave tends to look pretty disgusting. When it gets dirty, I cringe every time I open it but cleaning it is really irritating so it tends to stay that way. I know, I know…everyone says “if you just clean up messes when they happen, it’s not so hard to clean…” Blah, blah, blah. That sounds like more cleaning to me. And I hate more cleaning. 

Plus, let’s me honest. Those messes happen when we’re heating up food. Who’s going to let their food get cold in order to clean up a mess that they really don’t want to clean, anyway? Not me.

So instead, I found this cute little Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. You put her in the microwave with a little water and vinegar and that stuck on crap gets all loosy-goosy and I can just wipe it out when I’m feeling froggy.

Check out the Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner here.

To prevent messes, check out this microwave shield. You just cover your food with the shield and any splatter hits the shield instead of the microwave. This bad boy can just be thrown in the dishwasher and stored inside the microwave so you don’t forget to use him!

Check out the Microwave Shield here.

Keeping the Toilets Clean

I hate cleaning toilets. I was using the toilet bowl cleaner that you spread around the rim and let it sit there for a while before you flush. The challenge I seem to always run into is as soon as I put it in the toilet, someone ends up coming behind me and using the toilet. What’s the point again?

Oh yeah, a nasty toilet feels particularly gross. So I found these little toilet stamps. You put one on the inside of the toilet bowl every two weeks and it keeps it clean for you. I keep the stamp on the back of the toilet so I can easily use it when I notice that it’s needed.

While I haven’t found anything that keeps me from having to clean the toilet at all, these stamps keeps it clean longer and has prevented the need for any scrubbing. On the rare occasion I need to physically clean the toilet bowl, it can be done in under two seconds. I’ll take it.

Plus, instead of a complicated system that takes time and reading instructions to install, the stamps take two seconds and they are really easy to use. Which makes them more likely to GET used. Kinda important…

Find the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Stamps Here.

The Dishwasher Tablets That Keep on Giving

Ok, they say you’re supposed to rinse off your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. But honestly, what is the point in a dishwasher if you have to clean them first? But then if you don’t, you get food particles in the dishwasher and then it doesn’t work as well.

Believe me–at first I thought it was just a defective dishwasher responsible for making the dishes dirtier coming out than they were going in. 

Then I realized, nope–it’s user error. Apparently, this is why your supposed to wash the dishes first. Uhg. I’m not doing that.

So when I found these cleaning tablets, it was like life was complete. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but still. These are pretty dang awesome. They dissolve food particles in the dishwasher to keep it clean so you can keep putting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher without washing them first.

So you clean the dishwasher which in turn, does a better job of cleaning your dishes without having to wash/rinse them first. Love!

Check out the Affresh Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets here.

No More Oven Cleaning

Can I be honest with you? The task of cleaning an oven is so overwhelming, I’ve really only ever done it like once and it was because I was insistent on getting my deposit back on the last house I rented. It was a nightmare and one I’m not anxious to repeat. As I worked, it felt like the oven just ended up getting me dirty with it but no cleaner than when I started. Uhg.

So then I found out that oven liners were a thing. This non-stick liner goes on the bottom rack of your oven and catches any spilled food that would otherwise cake in the bottom of your oven. When you need to, you can pull it out, wipe it off, and stick it right back in. Two seconds of work for a clean over. Yes, please.

Check out the XL Nonstick Oven Liners here.

Get Cleaning by Not Cleaning!

Well, by cleaning as little as possible, right? With these products, your cleaning days are easier and finally limited because they help take the work out of a clean house.

If you hate cleaning, these tools are your new best friends. So get to cleaning by not cleaning!

9 cheap products that everyone who hates cleaning desperately needs. They practically clean the house FOR YOU.If you are messy like me, have ADHD like me, or just really hate to clean, these products make life so much easier by helping you keep the house clean so you can do literally anything other than CLEAN House!

Need help speed cleaning? For getting the house clean in the shortest time possible, you’re going to want to check out the ADHD speed cleaning checklist!

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