9 Meaningful Things To Do For Yourself On Your Birthday


My philosophy on birthdays is this: you are a unique being on this planet. It is a miracle that you exist. No matter where you are in your life today, you have undoubtedly overcome challenges, persevered, and brought yourself to a better place. You have had an immeasurable impact on those around you. How is that not worthy of celebration?

I get it: For some, a birthday is a reminder that with each passing year we’re getting older. The conversation around aging is thankfully changing, but there is still a common societal view that aging = bad. 

But what if we reframed it this way: With each passing year, we’re getting wiser, stronger, and becoming more who we’re meant to become. Instead of celebrating the passing of time, let’s celebrate the annual milestone on the adventure we’re all on.

With each passing birthday, it becomes clear: life moves so quickly. Without slowing down at key moments (like the day you were born!), we can so easily miss it and then wonder where it all went.


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