A decade back the line..


 My mom used to say me that to have  television in their house at their times was such a valuable thing and great symbol of status. And then after certain years when we used to watch television I remember how eagerly we used to wait for our favorite serials  and even used to fight for remote. Now  it feels like television is hanging on wall ,fully bored up and eagerly waiting for someone to  even on it!

10 years back the line to have phone was like to have luxurious car as of now. But now each one has phone! Does it meant each one will have luxurious car after 10 years? Ohh…just kidding…I meant things changes so rapidly …what today is highly valuable will lose its value after certain years..

It feels like things started becoming smaller from t.v who looks like a box to a t.v which is smart and slim or  from a phone which had weight and having lots of buttons to a light weighted phone with numerous features and slim look or whether its computer which was heavier with too many wires is now been given an option of  laptop which could be easily carried.


The way unique ideas are emerging and the way it is been converted into reality is incredibly awesome but here and there it effected our health.

2.Technology vs health

Although things were invented to make our work easier but at the end the way we are over using and the way we are dependent on it doesn’t  make any sense.

Before to have spectacles was for old people and even many old people eyes were healthy enough but now its not a surprise to find spectacles to a 5 years old child! And similarly there are tons of health issues people are facing because of bad quality of air,water,food and bad quality of lifestyle!

Looks like quality of living improved but quality of life reduced.

It feels all are eager to earn money and for that they are ready to compromise on quality of living! 

So only before to live 100 years was normal and normal even to go through 80’s is a big thing …if this continues then in future we can expect life span of 50 years or even lesser. As the way diseases are emerging ,the way pollution is increasing is quite terrifying.

3.Virtual world

Added to that nowadays everything became so virtual that nothing could be find real! In the era of digitalising what we find is parents dont have time for childrens, kids are left to watch internet….where values, belief system and  basic fundamentals are somehow effects growing mind…and not just that its like no one has time for others…everyone are pretending to be busy and getting addicted..

 4.Too much easy

Looks like everything became so easy…no need to go out of house….Wanted to buy dress go online, wanted to meet friends do video call,  wanted to watch movie go online, wanted to buy groceries go online, cant prepare at home wanted to order go online, from  booking a train ticket to getting admission into good school  or to get life partner go online,…and  now because of corona want to study go online,want to give exam go online,want to earn money go online……..

ohhhhh…everything is getting online but looks like we are not on correct line! I mean there is a limit for everything. We must not be too much dependent on technology….

Although we created technology but our body was not meant to use it so much! Thus it effects in such a way that it could be hardly reveresed.

5.Healthy food vs junk food

People find it cool to eat junk foods but they dont realize the impact of it to body.  They finds its easy  to eat delicious junk food and get sick rather then eating healthy food and staying healthy!

Eating junk is not a fashionable thing…infact its very dangerous for our living… 

Food gives us life and if we eat food that is being added chemicals to prevents its from getting decayed definitely we are not doing right thing…

Before people hardly used to eat outsides food and everything was prepared fresher and consumed fresher…which make anyone to be fresh and active all time.. By Concentrating on right eating habits, no diseases can cause you much harm… Infact 70 to 75 percent of diseases occurs due to wrong eating…

6.Physical task vs ease of work

Before every work required movement of us which eventually made us active and healthy indirectly. Nowadays  everything became automatic and can be controlled by tips of fingers…Before people used to travel by cycle or by walk which was great for  health and nowadays car with ac is mostly preferable.

7.Music ,Movies and Serials

Have you noticed one thing olden songs might not have that great music and clarity but words are just amazing…like the way writer used to give lyrics was so much rewardable. They used to literally feel and write….but now few silliest words with good music gets so viral, where we can’t find any meaning to it. This still doesn’t happen with all songs but there are some songs that comes to this category.

Before movies were much about giving social message were even there acting was innocent and now there is so much violence, destruction and too much entertainment…

Before serials were most of comedy and social message but now its more of fights, taunt and conspiracies..

8. Fashion

In the name of fashion,people  nowadays wearing torned jeans which doesn’t seem to have any meaning to it. Before people used to believe that if we wore torn things it brings negative energy and bad luck and now this becomes fashion! Other then that too much tight dresses , short dresses is just a normal thing.Even hairstyles and makeup, have also changed a lot…


Thus to conclude I would say that its great to be modern but there is no greatness in forgetting basic values  and principles of humanity…. 

And moreover everything should not be done just for profit motive we should think about future generations too. 

Further the way the pollution is increasing and quality of life decreasing it doesn’t seem right …As after all we are not going to  effect one human being but entire society….

And at last coming to technology, its great to have such great invention but health should also be taken care.

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