A Dream Reader's Bedtime Checklist For Helpful (Sometimes Lucid) Dreams


8:30 p.m.: It’s a Wednesday night and I’m starting to get into a wind-down. Wednesdays are one of the days that I practice Yoga Nidra, so when I’m done, I close up my house and make sure everything is prepped for the morning.

9:10 p.m.: I have a hot bath or shower to add to the relaxation process. (I usually pour in magnesium bath flakes to add to the experience!)

9:35 p.m.: I check that my dream journal is on my nightstand, and I pour a fresh glass of water that I take to bed with me. 

10 p.m.: I love my Hatch alarm and so I set it for when we need it. 

10:15 p.m.: Then I just relax and let sleep take over me, usually snuggling with my husband!

6:15 a.m.: I wake up with the light in my bedroom, and I usually immediately journal what I remember from my dreams. I then make myself a cup of coffee and start my gratitude and intention practice for the day.


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