A Euphoria Makeup Artist's Tips To Master Winged Eyeliner, Once & For All


If you don’t get the flick just right, don’t fret: Even professional makeup artists rely on touch ups. “You would be surprised at how helpful tiny [cotton swabs] with micellar water can be!” says French. “If I have a client in my chair who is getting their hair done at the same time, and their head is being pulled aggressively or they’re busy with something, I will messily draw on the liner to get it in the right place and then take the [cotton swab] and just start cleaning it up and shaping it to perfection.” 

All you need to do is use the tip of the cotton swab to erase any jagged edges and sharpen the wilted wing. Since micellar water can dissolve both oil- and water-based products, the pigment should lift right off. To make the contrast even sharper, French suggests tapping some concealer around the line, especially right underneath the wing to define the shape.  

If your cat-eye is simply unsalvageable, that’s OK! Try, try again. “Don’t be afraid to wipe it off and start over, too! I have done this many times on set,” shares French. “I think it’s important as an artist to be able to edit yourself and know when to start over. It happens to the best of us!” 


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