A Hairstylist, Makeup Artist & Esthetician Loves This Vitamin For Glowing Skin


Beauty supplements run the gamut, but Lee sings the praises of good ol’ vitamin C—namely, mindbodygreen’s vitamin C potency+. “As an essential water-soluble vitamin, I highly recommend vitamin C potency+ for its powerhouse antioxidant support to protect our skin from the environment, promote healthy aging, and enable optimal healing,”* she notes. 

See, vitamin C plays a vital role in the collagen synthesis process—in fact, your body literally cannot produce collagen without the antioxidant. And collagen, as we know, is your body’s structural protein that keeps your skin firm and taut. Plus, thanks to its ability to neutralize free radicals and temper oxidative stress, vitamin C can help preserve your existing collagen layer.

mindbodygreen’s cutting-edge formula delivers a powerful 1,000-milligram vitamin C dose (equivalent to 15 oranges!) of our body’s primary antioxidant in a gentle and optimized form and is shown to raise vitamin C levels more effectively than other types.*†‡ As Lee adds: “With the advanced potency, bioavailability, and bioefficacy of this formula—your skin and entire body benefit.”*

This high potency-dose leads to a bounty of full-body benefits (which you can read all about here), but reviewers have specifically commented on their new-found glow: “My skin is more glowy, I have lots of energy and love knowing I am taking care of my immune system. Fits seamlessly into my routine,”* writes Dani L., and another reviewer, Mary A., adds: “I know this premium C from mbg is upping my beauty game.”*


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