A Top Derm On Skin Cycling, Retinol & Her Fave Vitamin C Serum


“Theoretically, I loved the idea of slugging—I love this concept. I know it works so well for my patients who have eczema and very dry skin, but slugging didn’t work for me for a number of reasons. 

“First, because, I can’t slug on top of my exfoliation or retinoid night. Inherently, slugging is very occlusive, which can drive those powerful ingredients deeper into the skin and cause irritation. But then in between, on recovery nights, I couldn’t slug because I’m acne prone. 

“The most common ingredient people use for slugging is petroleum jelly. I know that’s quote-unquote non-comedogenic, but it is incredibly occlusive. And personally for me, it did cause me to break out. I also developed what is called milia, which are these tiny white bumps that were developing around my eyelid area. It’s a very common reaction to occlusive products.

“But I wanted it to work, so I was experimenting with other products, especially during the winter months. During the summer I can get away with just a moisturizer, but during the winter I want something that is designed to sit on the surface and really seal in moisture. 

“And I actually really fell in love with this Glossier product, which is funny because it’s not a typical brand that I would gravitate towards. It doesn’t have that classic, science-backed approach. And it was a more youthful brand—it’s something that I think my daughter could get super excited about. But I actually think the After Baume’s formulation is really good.

“It’s become a staple I use during the winter months, especially in very dry, tight areas—such as the juncture of my eyelid and upper cheek. I apply it at night, on top of my moisturizer to really create that comfortable seal.”


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