"I can do many things because poverty provides me with experiences that rich kids won't have."
- Jef Menguin

When I was young, I have ambitions that I couldn’t tell others about. That’s because no one seemed to care and believe.

We were living in slums. I do not have what other kids of my age have: a supportive environment, resources, and exposure. But later on, I realized that there was no way that we can be hungry. All I need is to commit to doing what I can.

And there are many things I can do because being poor provides me with experiences that rich kids won’t have. I can make use of my experience to help myself, my family, and others.

Most people who focused on what they don’t have seldom achieve something. They believe that in order for them to start, all the resources must be given to them.

But the world does not work that way.

We do not have all the resources we need. We have to make the most of what we have, and ask ourselves how we can multiply our impact even with “limited” resources.

In my experience, the limited resources that we have is all we need to make progress.


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