Great news: At-home hair glosses are incredibly user-friendly, making it a great option for those looking for a cost-effective product that gives you shiny, vibrant hair results. Many formulas come pre-developed (like this Gloss+ from dpHUE), which means it’s as easy as applying a hair mask

“Simply apply to clean, damp hair, making sure to fully coat your strands, and let it sit for up to 20 minutes for maximum results,” Anderson says regarding the dpHue formula. (Of course, all glosses come with their own set of instructions, so be sure to follow your specific label.)  

The gloss also serves as a deep conditioning treatment (especially if you choose a hydrating, ammonia-free formula), so feel free to swap it in for your conditioner whenever you’re craving some extra richness and shine. The pigment typically lasts up to four weeks or 10 washes, so you can reapply whenever you notice your strands looking dull. 

Just know that glosses will not completely transform your hair color—if you have lighter hair, using a darker gloss might deepen the color a bit, but it’s not permanent. Glosses won’t exactly lighten your hair, either; it’s mainly for enhancing the pigment you already have or adding richer tones. If you’re hoping for more of a stark change, it’s better to head to the salon, anyway. “I will always suggest leaving the hard work, and full color transformations, to your professional colorist!” Anderson adds. 

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