The significant benefits that you will get from the six-month course are: (There are two optional topics Smart Entrepreneur and E-teacher/E-trainer)

You will be given American English classes led by 32 American native language experts. Learn from the masters.

 Stage fright? Searching for words? Here’s Public Speaking Training in English as part of ADT Prime. Ignite the fire in you.

Innovative training classes for teachers and trainers in English will be given. This will equip you to teach and train anyone sitting anywhere in the world. Get Updated, Be Different.

  1. Is passing IELTS a significant hurdle for you? ADT Prime will help you overcome it and get a lucrative job abroad. 
  2. We will empower you to secure a job abroad as you set out to study abroad. Of course, you can then settle down there. Commit to something bigger.

Business English that a CEO must know. Yes, ADT Prime has such a module. Lift your standards.

Get hold of the International English that is an absolute must for Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Everyday Business, Digital Media and Content Writing Professionals. Spot your winning strategy.

Not just that. On offer from ADT Prime is the International English perfectly suited for Journalists, Doctors, Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Architects, Engineers and Teachers. Broaden your horizons.

It can’t get any better. ADT Prime has special revenue-raising assignments for teachers and trainers. Create the life you want.

Are you looking for the right business partner? Then this is the right avenue. Not just that, you can spot other income sources too. Attract great people. Find good partners.

ADT Prime gives highly specialized training in the Stress, Rhythm, Intonation and Fluency of International English. Great opportunities with smart people.

You learn how to mint money from Social Media platforms. Add more value to your career.

Learn how to be a Social Media Influencer from ADT Prime. Always think big and act big.

Not just that. You learn how to use Social Media for Business Growth too. Cultivate a great skill set.

  • Be a Master of Digital Marketing Techniques. Learn it effortlessly.
  • Do you want to be a Digital Marketing Expert? Then ADT Prime is the right platform. Invest in knowledge

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