When thousands of organizations across the world are strategizing to reopen their offices on the backdrop of the pandemic, Facebook announced its biggest news: Facebook is letting employees work from home forever. This move is the greatest inspiration to tens of thousands of companies across the world to allow their employees to work remotely. The news grabs the attention of the world because it’s just the new phase of the transformation, especially the digital transformation

The pandemic has made many of the current business practices obsolete. And, if you are not ready to embrace this technological disruption, the future is not meant for you. Several companies put extra effort to become digitally active. In a recent study done by KPMG based on the research of manufactures’ adoption of digital technologies, 33% of CEOs responded that their organizations are struggling to keep pace with the need to transform their businesses to stay competitive digitally. Why is it inevitable for your organization to accept digital transformation? It focuses on your business acceleration, resulting in innovation and continuous improvement

If you analyze the customer buying pattern, it has changed completely over a few years. Their expectations, preferences, and needs are influenced by social media and various other digital platforms. When the entire surroundings are getting transformed and your organization is still sitting on the fence, you are missing the biggest opportunity to grow in your life. So, it is inevitable for any business to get digitally transformed. In other words, your business organization has to adopt updated technologies to solve various business challenges. Make sure that it enhances the competencies of your employees and maximizes customer satisfaction. 

Digital transformation is less about technology but more about how people make use of it. Before adopting digital transformation to your business, you need to have the right mindset to change outdated organizational practices. Understanding the importance of digital transformation, Lifeline has already launched Digital Transformation (DT)-Prime, a program that introduces various digital and social media platforms to people of all walks of life. The extensive module of this program offers knowledge to a large number of people including business personalities, aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, bloggers, vloggers, and those people who are ready to adopt changes. 

After the success of the DT- Prime program, we have launched yet another informative program named Advanced Digital Transformation Prime (ADT-Prime), which helps people from all walks of life to make use of various digital platforms. The program is useful for entrepreneurs, businessmen, people who wish to become social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, etc. 

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