An Esthetician & Makeup Artist's Must-Have Beauty Products For Skin That Shines


If you’re on the hunt for some beauty inspiration, look no further than Tiara Willis’ page, @makeupforwomenofcolor. The 20-year-old esthetician and content creator seamlessly blends ingredient education, product reviews, and stunning makeup tips with an approachable, candid tone—like your most trusted beauty industry best friend.

“I think most people are surprised when they find out my age,” Willis says regarding her professional success. “But I think my knowledge speaks for itself.” After all, not many people amass such a dedicated Twitter following at 14 years old and head straight to esthetics school after turning 16. 

“I felt like I already had a career that I wanted to explore more, but I wanted to do some additional education after school,” she says of her career path. Willis has always been passionate about makeup—specifically, finding the best products and tips for melanin-rich skin—but as someone who also dealt with acne and hyperpigmentation, an esthetics education made perfect sense. “I could learn how to clear my skin so that I would feel more confident putting on makeup,” she adds. “Instead of makeup feeling like a crutch to cover my skin, I can turn it into something that I genuinely enjoy.” 

If you’re looking for a new staple to add to your beauty routine (be it a new foundation, AHA serum, or sunscreen that doesn’t dare leave a white cast), Willis has you covered—below, find her absolute must-haves. 


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