The definition of personal development planning is basically to design a series of steps that will take you from where you are, to your highest vision of self development.

That highest vision is held by your inner hero, the part of you who:

  • has a vision of higher purpose and adding greater value
  • knows you can achieve anything you truly desire in life
  • knows where the bounty is found
  • is willing to do what it takes to make it happen

An important aspect is that you will be formulating your individual development plan based on your specific interests, values, hopes and dreams. This is the ultimate plan for your greatest life fulfillment. The significance of identifying your highest vision for your life and creating a course of action to achieve it, is multifaceted or having many ideas:

  • you know and live your highest life purpose
  • the keys to happiness are yours
  • your greatest contribution to your fulfillment, and to the world, is being made
  • setting and monitoring personal targets helps assess your progress
  • keeping a record of your life lessons and achievements along the way is enriching

Costs Of Creating A Personal Development Plan

Setting out a powerful plan for self development is a valuable project for people in all stages of life. It is relevant for personal professional development planning as well. Whether you are a teenager deciding on what career path to choose, in your mid to late career years, in retirement, or are simply interested to see what good may come out of it, it will be useful.

Summoning your highest vision and pursuing it, is not however, for the weak spirited. Along the path there will be many new challenges to take you into unknown territory. This endeavor will take all your time and occupy your whole life. You will be asked to share more of yourself and your skills than ever before. There is no money back guarantee waiting for you at the end of your life. Related: Quotes That Will Get You Through The Hardest of Times and Failure

Rewards…. oh yes, untold rewards. Fulfilled hearts, eyes brimming with the tears of joy, and a soul knowing a life fully lived!

Whether our personal life purpose and passion is to ‘chop wood, carry water’, or… to run for president, is irrelevant. What matters is that we recognize our own unique highest vision, and we carry through with it. By being true to ourselves, we are manifesting the hero that will save our own life, as well as the precise hero that the world needs now, from us. Get ready to take that step, into the life of your dreams…

Format For A Personal Development Plan Of Highest Vision

The format for a personal development plan (PDP) that addresses your highest vision and lifelong ambitions differs somewhat from the goal setting plans that you may be familiar with.

There are 5 stages to creating a life vision personal development plan to be of the utmost value to you. The format follows that of the hero’s journey as set out by the scholar Joseph Campbell. On this path we summon our inner hero and go forward to self actualization and becoming the most that we can be:

1. Getting started is identifying your personal development plan adventure of your highest vision of self development. Who, in your heart of hearts, do you want to be? What do you want to do, and have?

2. Next you determine your individual development plan challenges and commit to go forward, initiating action.

3. The next phase is centered around your individual development plan goals. This step works toward furthering your skills and knowledge towards your ultimate vision. Be sure to check out important aspects of setting and achieving goals that can affect your enjoyment of your journey as well as what you achieve.

These personal goals often take the path of small steps in your journey. They are mid term goals within the grand scheme of your self improvement plan.

4. When short and mid term goals are achieved and the new learnings are integrated into your life, you meet with personal success along the path of your individual development plan.

5. Following faithfully in the steps of your PDP will bring you to a point of personal development plan mastery. You will achieve your highest vision and be sharing your knowledge, and also looking at making the picture of your future even bigger and brighter.

Example Personal Development Plan

This outline of an example personal development plan summarizes just the primary focus of each of the 5 steps:

1. Identifying Your Highest Adventure: You discover your driving passion and purpose is to work in a global capacity empowering people to take responsibility of their own health. Related: How To Discover What You’re Passionate About

2. A challenge to deal with: You recognize you will need to overcome family resistance to you making a change.

3. Achieving your goal: You have a number of small goals taking you toward your highest vision, such as: 

  • begin eating organic food and losing excess weight
  • building faith that you will find the right opportunities
  • studying relevant courses

4. Personal Success: Local media have written articles on your excellent input for community program design to encourage personal health responsibility.

5. Mastery: You decide to start your own media company to spread the word on personal empowerment and health.

Goals Within Each Individual Development Plan Step

Personal development concept image

Within each of the above 5 steps, you will be identifying your aims, actions, and achievements necessary for that particular step:

1. what things you are aiming to know or accomplish in that step

2. the actions you will take to realize those aims

3. what measurements will signal you have achieved your aims

4. your time frame to complete each achievement

“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons/benefits/blessings on his fellow man.”‘ The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ Joseph Campbell

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