Announcing TED Tech, TED’s first all-tech conference


TED Tech will take place at the Southbank Centre in London, September 18-19, 2023.

Technology’s impact on society and creative expression is transforming the way we think about the world around us. This scale of change has brought uncertainty and fear, but we want the world to build optimism around the potential of AI, web3 and immersive tech.

That’s why we’re gathering to ponder the questions that matter the most: What will a future driven by such extraordinary technological advancements actually look like? How might society, art and culture change as a result of these discoveries? And how can we make sure the world we create is open and welcoming to all?

TED’s first all-tech conference

The first TED Tech conference will take place September 18-19, 2023 at the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank Centre in London. We’ll dive into cutting-edge tech at the intersection of art and culture, bringing together the most brilliant minds – artists, creators, technologists and entrepreneurs – focused on building a future worth celebrating. Register now »

Why it’s different

Now is the time to shape AI and web3, so we can reimagine the ways they’ll be integrated into our daily lives. But this isn’t just another tech conference. Together with our partners at Culture3, we’ve designed a new immersive experience that features talks, workshops, digital art, activations, cultural exhibits and deep human connection so we can experience and debate how tech and extended reality are changing everything. TED Tech will include:

  • 1500+ attendees
  • 10+ TED Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Culture3-curated idea forums
  • Demos and announcements

In addition to the inspiring talks, workshops and art, TED Tech will also offer plenty of opportunities for deep human connection with other attendees. You’ll have the chance to meet with experts, challenge your thinking and explore new possibilities with leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.

The speakers

Attendees will hear from 10+ TED Speakers and Culture3-curated experts who will dive into the latest advancements revolutionizing the tech industry and radically transforming the world of digital art. Our program will feature demos, performances and industry-shaping announcements from the worlds of art and tech culture.

TED Tech will cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • How AI, blockchain and extended reality are empowering creativity and changing how and what we create
  • What a future driven by extraordinary tech will actually look like
  • How society and culture might change as a result
  • Ways we can create a world that’s open and welcoming to all

The attendees

TED is renowned for an audience that is just as impressive as the speakers. This creates a dynamic and inclusive community of humans full of optimism, imagination and a burning desire to build a better future.

At TED Tech, we’ll gather 1500+ brilliant minds, including:

  • Tech leaders: CEOs, tech start-up founders, AI entrepreneurs and investors
  • Creators: Artists, designers, musicians and developers
  • Engineers: Cloud architects, blockchain experts and machine linguists

London’s tech scene

The home of TED’s first tech event will be the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank Centre — the heart of London’s cultural life, the largest arts hub in the UK and one of the UK’s top visitor attractions. This unique venue is also at the heart of London’s dynamic tech ecosystem of new startups, tech giants and world-class universities fueling innovation.

How to attend

TED Tech will takes place in London on September 18-19, 2023. Featuring leaders from AI, web3, art and immersive tech, TED Tech is perfect for engineers, artists and developers looking for inspiration and knowledge about the latest tech trends. Don’t miss your chance to join a powerful community of creators working to build a better future for all of us. Early adopter passes start at £2200. Register now »


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