Are You An Intuitive Empath? Here Are 7 Telltale Signs, From Spiritual Experts


Intuitive empaths are one of six types of empaths, with their intuition being their forte. “I would say that all people are intuitive,” explains Richardson, noting that intuitive empaths in particular are people who receive intuitive guidance through any of the psychic pathways.

According to Judith Orloff, M.D., psychiatrist and author of The Empath’s Survival Guide, empaths in general tend to be “sensitive, loving, have big hearts, with finely tuned intuition.” But those big and receptive hearts can also be extremely vulnerable to negative energy. In fact, Orloff says, intuitive empaths in particular may absorb things unwittingly, so it’s important for them to have ways of setting energetic boundaries.

While intuitive empaths may not necessarily be “introverted,” per se, they may become overwhelmed by busy places or crowds, and require alone time to recharge, because negative environments can be highly draining.

Nuñez notes that many intuitive empaths have likely had these traits since they were children, and if anything, they were even stronger then. As children, she explains, we not only have difficulty understanding intuition and gut feelings, but the world has a way of making us doubt ourselves.


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