So friends , when we are going through hard times, obviously every human being  , will have thought that someone or something will help you to get out of your critical situation. 

Remember guys !! at some point in life you will surely realize that no one   or not material things are permanent in this life.

That someone you are waiting to help you !! is in yourself. it’s you , your own soul . You are an energy who  can overcome anything in this universe. 

St-opp! !waiting for a right person , right thing or a right time !!

 That right person is — ” go in front of the mirror of your room “, that’s the person who will support you in any time of life , irrespective of anything. 

God helps only those , who help themselves.   

This journey of life is very hard and crucial , but in the end your soul will become stronger .  Even when you are near to death , please do not give up on things because one of your loved ones advised you .

“Start any ultimate goal of your life , now , right now !!!! now is the best time, but in the journey of achieving the goal , there will be many hurdles , which will kill you from inside , stay strong irrespective of how worse the situation is !! “

–> I also would like to mention that the hardest times of life , will make you realize the reality of life, and it’s real purpose .

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