One of the first smoothie delivery services on the scene, Daily Harvest now offers quite the variety of dishes, such as soups, oat bowls, nut milks, and harvest bakes. It is a subscription service, but instead of committing to one type of food, you choose a small, medium, or large box and curate it with whichever smoothies, drinks, or foods you’d like.

Daily harvest’s meals arrive frozen and preportioned out into single-serve containers. For the smoothies, you’ll add your liquid of choice, blend, and can pour it right back into the cup to enjoy. The soups are also ready-to-heat (just add water or broth). Not all ingredients are organic, but the majority are—and the entire menu is vegan. 

Our commerce editor, Carleigh Ferrante, is a huge fan of Daily Harvest—so much so that she’s been known to order an entire large box of just the chocolate blueberry smoothies. Her rec? Blend in your favorite whey or plant-based protein powder, along with an extra handful of greens, to make the smoothies more filling and nutrient-dense. 

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