Avocado Has Tons Of Benefits — But How Much Of It Should You Eat A Day?


Not exactly. “While avocados don’t directly burn fat, they are a good source of nutrients to support weight loss or maintain weight,” Wilson explains. “The high fat and fiber content in avocados can help people feel more satiated, which helps to regulate appetite. And we know that people who eat fiber-rich foods, like fruits and vegetables, tend to maintain a healthier body weight7 compared to those who don’t.”

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association helps bust the belly fat myth. The subjects were split into two groups: One group ate a large avocado every day for six months, while the other made no changes to their diet. After six months, the researchers found no differences in belly fat between the two groups. However, the group that ate a daily avocado did experience a decrease in total and LDL cholesterol.

“This proves an important point: There are no silver bullets in nutrition,” says Munnelly. “Eating avocados but doing 10 other things in your daily life that contribute to high cholesterol and extra belly fat might not get you the results you’re looking for.”



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