Avoid Thanksgiving Bloat With This Gut-Friendly Probiotic Supplement*


Unlike other probiotic companies that leave you guessing as to what exactly is in their products, mbg is transparent about the exact strains we use in probiotic+, and what they do for you.

Our formula contains four clinically studied strains that are targeted for gut health and comfort: B. lactis B420 to support healthy gut barrier function and help with weight management1, B. lactis HN019 to reduce gas and promote regularity, L. acidophilus NCFM for abdominal comfort2, and B. lactis Bi-07 to ease bloating.* Together, these bacteria—32 billion CFUs of ’em—diversify your gut microbiota to provide an added layer of defense against food triggers.*

Take one capsule every morning (with or without food) to set yourself up for a more comfortable meal, sans bloat.* With this helper in hand, you’ll be ready to make it to Thanksgiving day’s long-awaited finish line: dessert!

Here’s what people are saying about how probiotic+ helps them digest all the best that life has to offer:


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