Beauty Pros Swear By These 3 High Maintenance Tips To Stay Low Maintenance


For those with thin, sparse brows, eyebrow tinting can be a game-changer: “It maximizes your brow potential by making every hair count,” brow expert Joey Healy says about the service. Meaning, those light, baby hairs above your brows you never really knew existed finally show up to the party, making your arches way more full and fluffy. 

It’s a semi-permanent procedure, meaning you won’t have to spend ample time in the mirror with a brow pencil in hand (talk about a low maintenance daily routine!), yet you won’t feel the pressure of a pigmented tattoo. 

I personally swear by a brow tint every four to six weeks (expertly dyed by Healy himself), and it really transforms my eyebrow shape. Once those blonde, vellus hairs spring to life, my face framers appear five times fuller—without a dab of brow powder. Just a swipe of brow gel, and I’m set. 


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