We always have a tendency of giving value to the things which is  going away from us . World is having serious issues going on…but  we must also learn from bad times! Lets discuss some basic things about before and after quarantine.

Before quarantine vs after quarantine

1.It was amazing …when children used to go to school ,teen going to college ,people going to job or business etc. Everyone where busy in there own world. 

        But now the time is like some are having online classes and some are sitting idle at home, some are working from home ,some are simply sitting and to pass time they are doing household things. People ‘s business is effected, someone’s life itself is completely effected!

2.Before people where tired of doing the same old things and where waiting for sunday and  some vacation ,movies where planned…

     But now people are eager to go out and work !

3.Before people used to go out without any doubt of getting ill .
   But now they are scared to go out..face mask, sanitizer everything is must which might help to reduce the fear of getting effected.

4.Before our house where not so much cleaned as today…washing from sanitizer,cleaning home when bored up,  like now I feel the house is fully well maintained.

5.Before family members where not getting time for each other….and now they want others to talk so that they wont get bored up.

6.Before fever was just a small thing and now its a big issue. If any one gets a normal fever due to climate still they feel they may get corona! The fear of getting disease is very high….

7.Before they where lot of unnecessary expenses involved like may be in marriage…lot of people where invited,lots of food was prepare and lot of wastage was happening.
       but now to get married in quarantine is very risky and hard thing !

8.Before people where scared of driving without license or helmet and now people are scared of not using face mask or sanitizers.

Just hope everything gets well and the disease go away forever as early as possible and we get our golden time back where we can go out freely without masks and sanitizers!

But untill that be safe, take all safety measures  and stay at home … Bad time will end soon.

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