Born In September? Here's What To Know About Your Birthstone


According to crystal expert and founder of Goldirocks, Yulia Van Doren, sapphire has been revered as the ‘Wisdom Stone’ since ancient times. It helps us to “connect with our higher self and our inner empath who sees the bigger picture, acts from a global perspective, and walks in someone else’s shoes,” she previously told mbg, adding that sapphire all about making choices with everyone’s best interests at heart.

Along with wisdom, Askinosie notes that the sapphire also represents serenity, spiritual truth, and mental clarity. “It helps to restore balance in the body, builds confidence and self-expression, and it also helps to aid in communication,” she adds.

Van Doren explains that Virgos and Libras born in September, in particular, would do well to keep Sapphire close, “to help you stretch your compassion muscles, empower your better self, and keep small-minded, fear-based thinking at bay.”

And it’s worth noting that different colored sapphires have some distinctions in their meaning. As Askinosie tells mbg, blue sapphire is thought to be aligned with the planet Saturn, which is all about self-discipline and organization.

Green sapphires, she says, are associated with clarity and compassion, while yellow sapphires are believed to bring wealth. Pink sapphires can help to open the heart, and black sapphires are associated with protection.


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