I will be breaking barriers this year. A barrier is anything that prevents you from getting to the other side. It’s what prevents you when you want to move from x to y. Often, the hardest work is right before the barrier.

There are many things that I desire to accomplish this year. I will publish books, make a youtube channel, sell an online course, conduct a facilitators boot camp, and create a new company.

My website will contain training videos, and I project that I will get 200,000 views each month before the end of the year. I get more than 100,000 views as of this writing (March 2023).

I am living up to one of my life principles: Start before you are ready. So I write and publish a post when I feel like writing. I am okay with not having everything perfect first. It does not even have to be complete. Like this one.

Publish Books

One of my goals for this year is to publish books. I am looking at two or three books that teach leaders how to build and lead teams. It is a moonshot, I know. It takes years to write books.

On the other hand, I also know of ghostwriters who can produce books every 30 days. Is it easier to write a book when your name is not on the cover? Perhaps. 

Or is it because necessity pushes people to break through barriers? I made some breakthroughs in my life because I was on edge. 

I used book writing as an example when I published an article on personal development plans. Though very few people have read that article, it is one of my most important contributions to my readers.

Most of our fears about creation have something to do with the fear of failure. People worry about the worst possible, and there is no more space to hope for the best possible thing to happen.

The worst possible thing to happen when publishing a book is nobody reads it. That may be no better than not writing a book.

But we are sure that nobody reads unwritten books.

A few of my clients will read the books I will give them. Some of them read my articles of 4000 words. 

Did that surprise you? Yes, I have articles composed of more than 4000 words, and they usually get more readers. On the other hand, articles with less than 200 words usually get zero reads.

I need 20,000 words to publish my first book this year.

I will write shitty first drafts every day. I will record my thoughts and will not be afraid of bad ideas.

So, I won’t worry about not having a reader. Writing the first book will break the barrier, and that’s more important than worrying about people who will not read the book.

I will keep you updated here.

Youtube Channel

I’ve been on Youtube for many years but have yet to publish a video. It has been my desire since Youtube became popular in the Philippines.

I know it will help me, but I have been reluctant to become famous for many years. It was enough for me that my readers find inspiration and learning in my words.

There was a time in my teaching career when students watched me teach via webcast. I also had no problem conducting webinars and virtual workshops. I could do these because I focused on adding value to clients.

But when it comes to creating videos on Youtube, there is a barrier I must break.

Do I fear rejection? I am not sure.

I always thought that I had a healthy relationship with rejections. People may not like the videos. People may disagree with my ideas. But I know that if one stands for something, some people will go against him.

I imagine that no videos about flat earth will be created if flat earthers fear rejection.

So, I am not afraid of rejection.

Do I want everything to be perfect? I am willing to start even when I am not ready. But this is one of those barriers that I do not have an explanation.

But I know how to break the barrier.

I will publish my first 20 videos in the next 90 days. I will publish crappy videos. And people don’t watch them, that’s fine with me too. All I want is to break my barriers. And if in doing so, I will learn some things, then I will be doubly grateful.

I hope you’ll be there to watch my crappy videos.

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