Calling All Stomach Sleepers — These Mattresses Are For You


Firmness is key for keeping stomach sleepers in alignment, and mattresses feel different for everyone, depending on their body’s size. For those who prefer a slightly softer mattress, the Spindle Organic Latex Mattress has a customizable firmness level, even after you’ve brought it home. It’s an all-foam mattress that comes with a layer of soft, medium, and firm organic Dunlop latex foam that you can rearrange to find what feels comfortable for you.

Latex foam is buoyant and supportive, making this a great pick for stomach sleepers—but if you still can’t get comfortable after sleeping on it for 60 nights, the company will refund you and help donate your bed to charity. And if you end up keeping your bed, you can continue to customize the firmness at any time, by buying a different layer of latex at a 30% discount.

Shipping is quick, and the layers of your bed will arrive individually rolled and compressed. The process of putting your bed together will likely require a second set of hands, since you’ll need to stack the heavy, floppy latex layers and find a setup that feels comfortable. But, thanks to its organic materials, this bed shouldn’t let off any funky smells during the process.

What customers say:

One person writes, “We absolutely love it. We were a little worried at first about the multi-layered aspect of it, but it’s actually really nice to have the option of varying firmness. Possibly the best mattress I’ve ever owned.” 

On the con side, some people weren’t able to get comfortable regardless of how they layered their bed. Still, anyone who dealt with customer service for a question or return has great things to say about the help they received.

Eco-friendliness rating:

4 out of 5. Spindle is a smaller, family-run mattress company that uses nontoxic, GOTS- and GOLS-certified organic materials.


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