Can CBD Actually Help You Focus? What The Science Says


Go organic: “You want to avoid products that are grown with toxic chemicals, like fertilizers and pesticides. The best brands offer organic CBD products made from organic farms,” says Sherpa. Luckily, all of the ingestible CBD brands on our list feature organic hemp (and we’ve reviewed a bunch more!). 

Get specific: Identifying what causes your lack of focus can help you pick a CBD product to help target the root of the problem. If aches and discomfort keep you distracted, a topical CBD balm or cream might do the trick. If a busy mind is the culprit, a capsule, gummy, or tincture will be more effective at creating a sense of calm and thus, focus.* 

Know your ingredients: To feel confident that your CBD contains what it says (i.e., potency) and excludes the stuff you don’t want (i.e., purity), “the most important thing is to know what is actually in the product—the only way to know this is to look for a third-party analysis of the product,” says Jameson.

Consider your budget: CBD can get expensive, especially in higher potencies. However, there are plenty of brands that offer high quality hemp-derived CBD at an affordable price, and most brands even offer a subscription discount for regular shipments. Because CBD affects people differently, consider going with a brand that offers discounts, trial periods, or satisfaction guarantees (especially if you’re new to the world of cannabidiol). 


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