Can't Stop Worrying? You Might Want This On Your Nightstand


Celestite is a mineral made of strontium sulfate, characterized by its light blue color, jagged edges, and icy appearance. According to crystal expert and co-founder of Energy Muse, Heather Askinosie, celestite has been found in Egypt, Madagascar, Mexico, Poland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

As she tells mindbodygreen, the name for celestite actually comes from the Latin word caelestis, which translates to “celestial” or “heavenly,” which is a good clue into what this stone can offer you.

“It’s very soothing and serene, with light blue and white energy in it that kind of reminds me of clouds and gentle, calming energy,” Askinosie says, adding its jagged edges and ice like quality can pierce through heavy, dense, or dark energy.


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