Careful — This Trendy Makeup Look Might Lead To Gappy, Thin Brows


Your eyebrows help you convey emotion—for example, you might furrow them in confusion or raise them in surprise. And makeup is a form of self-expression, no? A bold “party” brow can help draw the focus to those face framers. After all, little stands out more than a glittery set of arches. 

“The idea of wanting to ‘live out loud’ is why I think a lot of people are participating in this statement brow trend,” adds brow expert Joey Healy. Of course, iconic pop cultural moments like HBO’s Euphoria have also inspired the masses to embrace an avant garde, editorial makeup style. Eye decals are now part of the everyday—it makes sense why folks want to draw attention to their eyebrows, too. 

I’d also be remiss not to mention the chokehold the Y2K aesthetic has on fashion and beauty as of late. The trend extends into eyebrows, too, but in a much more elevated, modern manner, says Healy.

“The Y2K era had lots of shimmery eyeshadow, glossy lips, and a lot of fun with makeup, but the brows were sort of this afterthought,” he notes. “Now, we still hold onto that Y2K look, but done better with more attention on the brows—an extension of that fun look but with more precision and detail!” So you might coat the brow hairs with an icy hue, just like you might swipe a frosted shadow across your lids. 


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