Replenish Your Nutrients & Maintain Balance With These Electrolyte Powders

Hydration is essential to our overall health, asserts Jennifer Hankenson, M.D., a Yale Medicine physical medicine and rehabilitation physician and Yale School of Medicine’s assistant professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation. Our bodies need essential minerals, known as electrolytes, to maintain fluid balance and regulate cellular activities, explains Hankenson. These electrolytes consist of sodium, chloride, calcium, … Read more

The Wellness Routine White Lotus Star Meghann Fahy Swears By

[ad_1] If you haven’t seen White Lotus already, you surely know somebody that has. The second installment of the series was an instant obsession for plenty of folks (myself included), much thanks to Meghann Fahy’s turn as the multi-layered and cynically hilarious Daphne Sullivan Of course, this star-making role wasn’t her first. You may also … Read more

4 Easy & Delicious Ways To Cook New Life Into Leftover Beans

[ad_1] Ingredients: Optional cilantro-garlic paste (½ bunch cilantro, including stems, 2 cloves garlic, 2 tbsp olive oil, salt), ½ cup cooked beans, hard-crusted bread, 1 clove garlic, halved, 1–2 eggs, butter (or ghee or olive oil), Sichuan chili crisp or other beloved chili oil. Method: If your beans are canned, make the cilantro-garlic paste: Chop … Read more

This Heart-Healthy Nut Is A Satisfying, Sustainable Alternative To Almonds

[ad_1] Even though macadamia nuts are high in fat and calories, they can actually be a great addition to a healthy diet for weight loss. Some research suggests that tree nuts could even protect against weight gain, thanks to their ability to reduce appetite10, boost metabolism, and enhance the health of the gut microbiome. According … Read more

Don't Ignore These Signs Your Pelvic Floor Could Use A Workout, Says A Urologist

[ad_1] When the pelvic floor weakens or becomes uncoordinated, you may have trouble controlling your bladder or bowels, causing you to leak urine or stool when you’re not attempting to go to the bathroom (such as when you cough, sneeze, or laugh), says Milhouse. Sex may also be painful, keeping you from orgasming from penetrative intercourse. … Read more

The Two Kinds Of Happiness & Which One Is Actually Detrimental To Your Health

[ad_1] Even from the ancient philosophical perspective, eudaimonia definitions differ. According to Aristotle, virtue and exercising virtue are central to eudaimonia, but also there is consideration given to external goods such as health, beauty, and wealth. Conversely (and for comparison), the Stoics did not believe external goods were necessary; for them, virtue was sufficient and … Read more

The Invisible Secret To Younger-Looking, Healthy Skin

[ad_1] In expanding the understanding of this invisible, microbial ecosystem–we better understand ourselves. In the episode, we get into more of the details of how this research is done, what the microbiome could have looked like, and ultimately, what it means for modern-day folks.  But as a sneak peek, let’s talk about the curious case … Read more

Off with a bang: Notes on Session 1 of TED2023

[ad_1] Hosts Whitney Pennington Rodgers, Chris Anderson, and Helen Walters open Session 1 of TED2023: Possibility on April 17, 2023 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Photo: Jasmina Tomic / TED) It’s time for TED! In an eclectic and interdisciplinary opening session, artists, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and more explored the breadth of transformative possibilities that lie ahead … Read more